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i75 Paintball

TigerWear Shipwreck Headband

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Brand new. Full purchase price goes to support i75 NGXL team. 

Shipwreck RED LIST Collection. Stages ranging from Near Threatened (NT), Vulnerable (VU), Endangered (EN), and Extinct (EX).
Extending the length, and Gradual tapering down into the tails of the headband - this new stitching design provides a more comfortable fit, less constriction at the knot, and an easier form fitting tie. Providing a sleek look without sacrificing performance.
Tiger Wear is carefully hand picked and treated with natural materials to achieve the intended results. All garments will vary and may change in color over time, as part of the design.  Made in Los Angeles
  • Skull contoured fit
  • Bull Denim
  • 97% cotton | 3% spandex